TV online: the joy of unlimited TV multiplied by opportunities of the Internet

Polish TV goes digital. Which means, you are welcome to enjoy the advantages of regular television united with features of Internet websites. So, in any part of the globe, on any device, you get 24/7 access to TV and radio channels, as well as best HQ movies of Polish television via the Internet. You can also control and process this content, as well as take advantage of its interactive resources.

Polish television online: traditional technology wrapped into a new format

In the XXI century, one can’t always resist staying connected to the Internet. The Internet has become the inevitable source of opportunities, communication, information, inspiration, entertainment etc. That is exactly why the Internet TV emerged – the better, upgraded version of usual TV you can watch online instead of being stuck to a TV set. All the variety of Polish TV programs and movies is offered by a leading player in this field, the PolBox.TV website.

Polish TV via the Internet adapted to your lifestyle

Imagine a routine situation: you are watching the new episode of ‘Game of Thrones’, where the Night King’s Army is about to kill Khaleesi’s dragon, when a call from work comes in. No need to get distracted or annoyed, just pause the show, and continue watching it later. Or see it any time comfortable for you. Sounds impossible with a regular TV? Just one hit of a button with the Internet TV. Create your own TV watching schedule tailored to your personal needs.

Embrace the new quality of life only one click away

Here are some more perks of Polish television online provided by PolBox.TV:

  • Access from any device connected to the Internet, including slow Internet connection;
  • Selection of more than 100 Polish TV channels and 3000 films in the Polish language;
  • Management and parental control of children’s access to the content;
  • Storage of Polish TV online content for 14 days since its broadcast (Archive);
  • No need for hardware, like a satellite dish or cables.

Moreover, you may always discuss your favourite films and shows in our social media channels. We have really big and active community of Polish online TV fans.

Polish television via the Internet: proud to be Polish

But most importantly, PolBox.TV guarantees your uninterrupted access to programs and movies broadcasted in the Polish language. It supplies the variety of services to the Poles living all around the world, enabling them to feel at home even being thousands of miles away from their Homeland.

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